Table of Contents

Read This First

Level 1: Mysteries that are directly explained in the main story
MAO Inhibitors
A brief explanation of the effects of MAO inhibitors
Why do you die if you eat on the third day?
What is the hallucinogen DMT?

The Theory Behind the Space-time Transfer
The theory doesn’t matter
Quantum teleportation and the reality of bending time
The secret of EPR pairs

Strange Phenomena That Result From the Space-time Transfer
A summary of the space-time transfer
Strange phenomena caused by the space-time transfer
Understanding the three-point transfer
Kokoro and Satoru as seen by the third person
Who are you?

How Did Yuni Experience the Transfer?
Yuni and the Terabyte Disk’s timetable
Yukidoh Sayaka
The extra character hidden in the TIPS

Level 2: Mysteries that are indirectly explained in the main story
The Identity of the Third Personality α
What is the third personality α?
α’s actions
The third location
Who are you?
The red room

Inubushi Keiko and Suzukage Hotori
Another Shadow
A lingering consciousness, just like Kokoro’s and Satoru’s
If one is α then the other is ω
The shadow that couldn’t survive but didn’t die
Hotori’s fits

Satoru and Enomoto
[ORE] and [ore]
Who is Satoru?
Who climbed the clock tower?
The birth of [ORE]
Who is [ORE]?
Getting Satoru and Enomoto in order

[ORE] and the Memory Transplant
Unnatural memories
Whose memories were implanted into [ORE]?
Where is Self?
[ORE]’s memories and will

[ORE], [WATASHI], and That Guy
The entity known as [WATASHI]
The entity known as That Guy
The meaning behind EPR pairs
Who’s that behind you?

Mixed Wills
Black coffee and coffee with milk
The secret behind the choices and the TIPS
The difference between [ORE] and [WATASHI]
The being that decides the world

The Meaning of the Incomplete Ending
I will smite David
The infinitely-looping story
The labyrinth of memories that is killing [WATASHI]

Level 3: Mysteries with only a few hints given
Inubushi Keiko and Yukidoh Sayaka
Why are they so similar?
The truth of Yukidoh Sayaka’s death
Inubushi Keiko and Mayuzumi Lin

Did Inubushi Keiko really have DID?
How long did she have DID?
Unstable mind
What does her instability mean?

Why do some consciousnesses linger?
Kokoro and Satoru are exceptions
What about α’s consciousness?
Is a consciousnesses transfer determined by will?
The lingering coffee flavors

Why is That Guy hated?
The death of Yukidoh Sayaka
The shadow of Inubushi that [ORE] felt
Inubushi and Hotori’s lingering consciousnesses
Where is Self?

Who is Inubushi at the end?
Was Hotori swallowed up in the avalanche?
Her personality before and after the avalanche
Consciousness transfer?
Inubushi and Hotori

The Truth Behind the YUKIDOH Plan
The goal of the YUKIDOH Plan
Preparing the stage
The significance of the preparations
Why did the two of them switch bodies?
The space-time transfer device; Final level
Entering the final stage
What happens directly after the Satoru Epilogue
TIPS 92: The Final Level
The multiple-layered shadow consciousness

Does Remember 11 Have a Happy Ending?
Yukidoh and Enomoto in the end
So it’s a happy ending?


37 responses to “Table of Contents

  1. This is really helpful. I thought Satorus ending was just another bad end, and it had me looking for more answers. I hope you finish it.

    • I’m glad you found this site in your search for answers, and I apologize that I don’t have more of it completed yet. I hope I finish it too, but I’ve been busy with some RL stuff recently. I definitely plan on coming back to this, though, so be sure to check back sometime. =)

      • Hey, I really appreciate you going out of your way to explain part of Remember11 =) Your explanations were easy to understand. Do you know when you’ll finish the rest of them, or if you’re too busy, could you send me the link to the site you found (your link doesn’t seem to work anymore). Thanks!

  2. This is great! I’m looking forward to you answering more of these when you get back to it. In a sense, this provides way more closure than most sites I’ve gone to. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Sayaka, Shadow, and “That Guy” explanations. :) Once again, good work. *slow clap*

  3. Thank you for sharing this stuff to us ! If you have any more free time, please continue the translations ! I’m eagerly waiting for it :D

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for translating this! This website is the closest thing to an understable explanation I was able to find (and it’s been quite a while since I’ve started to search answers!)

    Are you keeping on translating? I surely hope so. It’s such a shame there’s a whole website full of potential answers but I can’t understand them because they are in japanese. Although thanks to you we can at least get some of these explanations! :)

    I hope you will come with some more translation soon, as I am sure it would be welcomed by a lot of people! I will bookmark your website and try checking for more from time to time. ;)

    (by the way, sorry if some of my words were strange, I am not an english native speaker. x)

  5. Recently I finished the 3 “infinity” games and I always thought that Remember11 was unfinished but this really makes a lot of sense. please please please, continue the translation :)

  6. Dude. If I could give you a brocookie, I totally would. No seriously, thank you for your hard work so far. I would love to see all the possible answers translated, it is a matter of life and death! I’ll save this website and check back regularly… you’re such a boss. Love you (full homo)

  7. I am checking this every now and then even though it’s been almost a year since I played it. Please do translate the rest, it’s much appreciated!

  8. Thanks so much for this. It’s been 6 months since I finished R11 and I am still completely awestruck and confused by it. This is really helpful, please keep doing it! Once again, thank you so much

  9. Hey, you did a great job translating this ! Remember 11 is an awesome game though there’s very few explanaition of this, thus your site is an amazing source of information.
    I think I finally got nearly everything on this thick plot, so keep on your excellent work ! I’m so looking for reading “The Truth Behind the YUKIDOH Plan”, I guess I got quite the gist of it but I can’t wait for the day I’ll read your full explanaition !

  10. I finished this game yesterday, and was left with more questions than answers. Really glad I found this website! Thanks so much for the translation!

  11. Thanks so much for translating these theories, I just finished R11 yesterday and was one of the best masterpieces I have ever known, and all these theories proves how well written the novel is.

    • I do intend to finish this. I apologize for the slow rate of updates, but real life limits how often I’m able to work on translating.

  12. I really really reeeaaally hate reading materials like this where super machines and any fantasy related things are involved AND THEN it tries to make me explain it.

    It’s like trying to explain Umineko; it implies that “what happened” can either be explained realistically or unrealistically then it shows you 50hrs-100hrs content full of witches, magic, parallel worlds (this feature actually is a killer of any content that is shown to you since everything is possible) and shits like that

    R11 showed me a super machine that is capable of space-time transfer crap along with “Oh, this machine is capable of s-t transfer! Please accept this truth since I showed you my delicious coffeeswitching!” and the fact that Enomoto/game maker emphasized this doesn’t help.

    Then it showed me a girl lying on the snow that SOMEHOW survived for 7 days AND is capable of participating in this farce when Kokoro and company are already reaching their limits despite…

    1. inside the cabin = got warmth even if insufficient
    2. ate insufficient food and drank water

    No no no no, I just won’t buy this crap.

    • In the metaverse of the universe’s game, people don’t die when they are killed, only when they know they are dead.
      You have a big problem whith the suspension of disbelief, Umineko’s answer was “this is a romance not a mistery, it always have”, the Infinity’s saga rules are explained within the three games (Never7, Ever17, Remember11).
      Also if you cannot disconnect yourself and enjoy the things that are presented… I’m feel sorry for you, unable to enjoy nothing.

  13. Thank you for this amazing translation! I’s 2017 and I still check the site from time to time to see if you got around translating the last 2 chapters of Level 3. I hope you will have the time to do so in the future so that we can have some of the final answers. Thanks again for your fantastic work so far!!

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