Inubushi Keiko and Suzukage Hotori

Another Shadow
Near the shelter cabin, a girl lies buried in snow. Her body cold, both Kokoro and Satoru determine that she must not be alive anymore. The girl’s name is Suzukage Hotori. Kokoro and Satoru thought that Suzukage Hotori was one of Inubushi Keiko’s personalities, but there was a real person with that name.

A Lingering Consciousness, Just Like Kokoro’s and Satoru’s

While playing as Satoru, you probably noticed that Inubushi Keiko has two different personalities in Kokoro’s and Satoru’s routes. However, the timing of her personality changes are exactly the same as the transfers. What does this mean? The answer is that a person named Suzukage Hotori existed inside the shelter cabin’s circle. Inubushi and Hotori exchanged personalities just like Kokoro and Satoru. This easily explains why their personalities get switched at the same time as the transfers. It would be hard to explain it any other way. Just for the sake of clarity: Inubushi in Kokoro’s route is Suzukage Hotori’s personality, and Inubushi in Satoru’s route is the true Inubushi Keiko. This is recorded in the TIPS as well.

The Third Personality
Remember that this is a three-way transfer that’s going on, and at the third location there are the twins. Kokoro and Satoru experienced a personality exchange with α, who turned out to be one of the babies. Since they’re twins, that means there’s another baby there. Just like Kokoro and Satoru, Inubushi and Hotori transferred along with the other baby. From this point on, I will refer to the second twin as ω.

The Shadow that Couldn’t Survive but Didn’t Die
Suzukage Hotori supposedly died buried in the snow. However, both Inubushi’s and Hotori’s personalities occupied Inubushi’s body even on the fifth day. In other words, Hotori is alive. This is hinted at in the main story. When Kokoro finds Hotori on the seventh day, look very closely at her hand. They move a little when Kokoro’s leaving. Hotori was alive until the end. However, she’s included in the list of people who died in January in the newspaper from the future, so she must have died by the time the rescue team arrived.

Hotori’s Fits
Since we see the real Hotori in Kokoro’s route, she must be the kind girl we see in that route. The reason she can’t talk is due to the shock of the plane crash (this is mentioned in the TIPS). She’s normally a shy, kind girl, but she goes crazy three times.

The first time is when she sees herself in the mirror. I don’t think I need to explain this. Anyone would be freaked out if their reflection was someone else.

The second time is on the third day. Right after the transfer she starts screaming. After she calms down, she writes the following message:
“red light” “seemed” “warm” “room”
“cold” “dark” “trapped” “all alone”
Kokoro misinterprets this as a sign of DID, but it’s actually her describing the transfers to Hotarubi and Mount Akakura. Due to the extreme cold, her memories of Mount Akakura are probably pretty vague. However, since the weather cleared up on the third day, I think she realized the situation she was in and started to lose it.

The third time is on the fourth day, right after Enomoto is murdered. I don’t think it’s strange for you to freak out if you’re suddenly covered in blood holding a knife and Utsumi’s coming towards you saying you killed him. She didn’t mean to hurt Yuni, by the way. She was just swinging the knife around randomly and Yuni jumped in by himself. Since they made up on the fifth day, she probably apologized.


The Identity of the Third Personality α

What Is the Third Personality α?

For review, I’ll summarize what’s known about the third personality, α.

I’m sure there were a lot of players who felt like something was off every time a transfer occurred in Satoru’s route. You may have thought that in between transferring from Kokoro’s body to Satoru’s body, maybe there’s a “blank time” where another person controls their bodies. This mystery was explained by it being a three-way transfer. α exists in a location that is neither Mount Akakura or Aosagi Island. Let’s think back on α’s actions.

α’s Actions
α committed the following deeds:

  • January 11th, Shelter Cabin: Starts screaming. You get a glimpse of this in Satoru’s route.
  • January 11th, SPHIA: Goes crazy after looking in the mirror. Eventually has to be sedated.
  • January 11th, Shelter Cabin: Tears the newspaper to shreds.
  • January 12th, SPHIA: Scribbles all over Kokoro’s drawing.
  • January 12th, Shelter Cabin: Cuts itself with Yomogi’s knife.
  • January 12th, SPHIA: Wounds its own left arm (note: it is very possible that this may have been done by another person).
  • January 12th, Shelter Cabin: Turns the voice recorder on and makes DATA 3 with nothing but noise.
  • January 13th, SPHIA: Climbs in Inubushi’s bed.
  • January 14th, SPHIA: Murders Enomoto with the knife in its hand. Playfully stabs him multiple times.
  • January 15th, SPHIA: Drinks the MAO inhibitor and hallucinogen DMT without any hesitation.
  • January 15th, Shelter Cabin: Eats all the food entrusted to Kokoro (this may not happen depending on the choices you make)
  • January 15th, SPHIA: Punches Yuni and destroys the living room. Calms down when embraced by Utsumi.

A common point between all of these is that its goal is unclear. Even if it’s the work of someone with bad intentions, there are still many points that are difficult to explain.

The Third Location
In order to reveal the identity of α, first we need to know where the third location is. The third location hidden in the three-way transfer is Hotarubi, located in Moegi Village in the Hiwa District of Hokkaido. Hotarubi is located at the midpoint between Mount Akakura and Aosagi Island. So then, what month and year is it in Hotarubi?

At Mount Akakura it’s January, 2011.
At Aosagi Island, it’s January, 2012.
Therefore, at Hotarubi it’s July, 2011, the midpoint between January, 2011 and January, 2012.

On the seventh day of Satoru’s route, Satoru enters the third location. There he finds a white building, which leads to a white room underground. Inside the room is the space-time transfer device, which is black and slightly larger than a soccer ball, and an empty bed. The date when he arrived was July 18th, 2011.

At one point, Utsumi mentioned that she was instututionalized until July 16th, 2011 due to having an unstable personality. She was all alone in a small, underground room. Another time she mentioned that the place she was hospitalized was Hotarubi, located in Moegi Village in the Hiwa District of Hokkaido. Utsumi was in the facility at Hotarubi.

Who Are You?
Utsumi gave birth to twins in August, 2011 and was in the Hotarubi facility up until a month before they were born. Although she had no way of knowing it, from July 12th, 2011 to the 18th that facility was caught up in the space-time transfer. If Utsumi was alone in there, then is the true identity of α Utsumi?

Not quite. No matter how unstable her personality was, α’s actions are too unnatural for them to have been caused by Utsumi. Furthermore, if α were Utsumi, it would be strange for Kokoro and Satoru to not remember anything from the times they were at Hotarubi.

So, if α isn’t Utsumi, then who is it? Here’s a quote from TIPS 96:

Here is one of the theories about baby colic.
Why does ‘baby colic’ occur in infants? ‘Baby colic’ is a condition in which a baby becomes unsettled and irritable for no apparent reason, and cries frequently (e.g. at night). One explanation suggests that the contrast between the clear, vivid consciousness of an infant and the inability to properly control its body results in an intense stress for the baby, which could cause it to become irritated and cry. That is why, from the point of view of an adult, it seems that they are just crying for no reason.

There are also medics who suppose that if a baby was given a body which would properly obey its will, it would turn into a cold-blooded killer. They argue that since babies have not yet learned human morals, their instincts would cause them to go on a bloody rampage. Infants often exhibit cruelty. They can calmly kill other living beings with no reservation, thinking it nothing more than part of a game.

That’s right. α’s true identity is one of the fetuses inside Utsumi. It is an entity with no ill will, but no consience either. Satoru speaks a bit about them in the epilogue. It’s worth re-reading.

The Red Dream
A red background shows up from time to time in Kokoro’s and Satoru’s routes, accompanied with a feeling of slowly drifting in a peaceful ocean and a sense of control over the world. These scenes describe what it’s like inside Utsumi’s stomach. As a fetus, you can barely see or hear anything and you can’t move your body freely. Your brain isn’t even fully functional yet. This is why Kokoro and Satoru barely remember their time in Hotarubi.

This red dream resembles something. You can’t see or hear or touch it directly, but it shares that same sense of control over a world. What is it…?

Satoru and Enomoto

[ORE] and [ore]
If you payed attention to the text you probably noticed, but [ORE] and [ore] are both used in Remember 11. Satoru uses [ORE]. Enomoto in the YUKIDOH’s Plan’s Failure End and Satoru in the prologue use [ore]. In TIPS 93 it says [ORE] is [ORE] but not [ore]. In other words, the person who uses [ORE] and the person who uses [ore] are different. There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this: Satoru in the prologue and Satoru in the main story are different people.

Who is Satoru?
“You’re…not Satoru…
You’re not…the Yukidoh Satoru I knew…”

This is the shocking, unforgettable last scene of Remember 11. The man with the blond hair who by all rights should have been Satoru is not Satoru. This isn’t Mayuzumi misunderstanding something or just being stubborn. The truth is revealed in the YUKIDOH’s Plan’s Failure End. In the YUKIDOH’s Plan’s Failure End, the following things are brought to light:

The man with the blond hair who you thought was Yukidoh Satoru is the real Enomoto Naoya.
The man with the sunglasses who you thought was Enomoto Naoya is the real Yukidoh Satoru.

With this in mind, it should be obvious why Mayuzumi said “You’re not Satoru.” The Satoru she knew was the man with sunglasses.

Just to make it easier to talk about Satoru and Enomoto without getting confused, I will use the following terms:

The real Yukidoh Satoru: Sunglasses
The real Enomoto Naoya: Blondie

Who climbed the clock tower?
Who was it that climbed the clock tower in the prologue? Well, since he referred to himself as [ore], we know that he’s different from the Satoru that appears in the main story. The man who climbed the clock tower and the real Yukidoh Satoru (Sunglasses) both refer to themselves as [ore] and both mutter the phrase “And David played with his hand…” Furthermore, the man who climbed the clock tower has not lost his memories and recognizes himself as Yukidoh Satoru. From these facts we can derive the following:

The consciousness of the man who climbed the clock tower in the prologue is the real Yukidoh Satoru (Sunglasses).

However, the body is not Sunglasses’. We know this because when he mutters in the prologue, his voice is the same as Blondie’s. Furthermore, he’s aware that the voice isn’t his own. In other words:

The body climbing the clock tower in the prologue is the real Enomoto Naoya’s (Blondie’s) body.

That’s right. The body and consciousness that are climbing the clock tower in the prologue belong to different people. At this point, Blondie’s and Sunglasses’ consciousnesses are switched. Why are they switched? Solving that is one of the keys to the mystery behind the YUKIDOH Plan.

The birth of [ORE]
The prologue Satoru falls off the clock tower. This is how the scene is described:

And the next moment――
Before [ore] noticed, [ore] was dancing in the air.
Released from all restraints….
Time stops, the snowstorm stops, and [ore] am swallowed by the pure-white world.
The particles of light dance around me.
The sound of the bell still reverberates in the air.
As if it was reciting… the beginning of a solemn ritual….
Divinely, gently, ever so softly….
[ore] start to dissolve within the light.
All my senses are disappearing. My vision is gone.
As if it were being slowly peeled away, my consciousness departs me.
A deep sleep [ore] came to know long ago….
My existence… [ORE]… am now… here….

If you’ve read everything up until this point then you probably noticed it already. The important thing here is the change in the first-person pronoun. In the beginning it’s [ore], and at the end it’s [ORE]. Basically, at this moment the consciousness of the real Yukidoh Satoru disappears from Blondie and is replaced by the consciousness that uses [ORE].

Who is [ORE]?
So. Who is this person who refers to themself as [ORE]? Since the real Enomoto Naoya uses [watashi], he is not [ORE]. If the real Enomoto Naoya were [ORE], there’s no way he would mistakenly call himself Yukidoh Satoru. Now I’d like you to think back to when [ORE] said he lost his memory because of a memory transplant. Also recall what Utsumi said to [ORE]:

“The current you, the one I’m talking to, may just be a special existence, one that gave its first birth cry a mere 90 minutes ago.”

[ORE] can be thought of as a personality totally separate from Satoru and Enomoto.

Getting Satoru and Enomoto in Order
Finally, let’s figure out what’s going on with the bodies and consciousnesses of Satoru and Enomoto. First of all, in the YUKIDOH’s Plan’s Failure End (in other words before the main story):

Yukidoh Satoru’s consciousness is in Yukidoh Satoru’s body (Sunglasses).
Enomoto Naoya’s consciousness is in Enomoto Naoya’s body (Blondie).

So, this is how it was originally. In the prologue, their minds get switched and it becomes like this:

Enomoto Naoya’s consciousness is in Yukidoh Satoru’s body (Sunglasses).
Yukidoh Satoru’s consiousness is in Enomoto Naoya’s body (Blondie).

Later, Blondie falls off the clock tower and [ORE] takes control of his consciousness. In other words, since Yukidoh Satoru’s consciousness is superceded by [ORE], the situation is as follows:

Enomoto Naoya’s consciousness is in Yukidoh Satoru’s body (Sunglasses).
[ORE]’s consciousness is in Enomoto Naoya’s body (Blondie).

The owners of Blondie’s and Sunglasses’ bodies are different in the YUKIDOH’s Plan’s Failure End, the prologue, and the main story. It’s easy to get this confused, so make sure you get it straight.

Read This First

This site is still under construction, so I’ll just get down to business.

First of all, I did not write the content that is on this site (excluding this introduction). After reading Remember 11, I was pretty unsatisfied with the ending and, being too lazy to figure it out myself, I searched for explanations that other people had come up with. It wasn’t long before I stumbled across this site, which does a fantastic job explaining most of the VN’s unsolved mysteries. All I’m doing here is translating the content of that site so it’s freely available to the English-speaking readers. I would’ve asked for permission to translate it but I didn’t see any contact info on that page, so if you’re the creator of that site a) thank you! and b) let me know if you have any problem with this. I don’t think you should, but I figure it’s common courtesy.

The next matter at hand is that I’m going to be diverging from the conventions established by the TLWiki translation. First is the matter of first-person pronouns, something that barely shows up in the game but gets mentioned a lot in these explanations. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Japanese, the short version is that Japanese has many more ways to say “I” than English does: “watashi”, “boku”, “ore”, and so on. Certain characters each have a unique way of referring to themselves (within the context of the game), and figuring out which one corresponds to who acts as a clue to solving some of the mysteries. Since you can only really refer to yourself as “I” in English, TLWiki formatted the word in different ways (italics, colored blue) to represent these differences. While I commend their efforts, I think this is too confusing of a system and doesn’t make what’s going on very evident. For one, it’s something that’s totally foreign to the average English speaker. The first time I saw I I wasn’t sure if it was an italic I or a slash. Anyway, for lack of a better system, I will use the romaji for the Japanese words used in brackets so they stand out. So you (hopefully) aren’t totally confused by these crazy bracket words, here is how my convention correlates to TLWiki’s:

[ore] – I
[ORE] – I (Satoru)
[atashi] – I (Kokoro)
[watashi] – I

Something to keep in mind is that these sections tend to build on things covered in previous ones, so make sure you read them in order to avoid confusion. That said, I’m probably going to translate these as I feel like it, and that may not be in order. Sorry.

One last disclaimer: when quoting things from the VN, sometimes I’ll make some minor changes to the TLWiki translation to make them sound better or work better with what’s currently being discussed.

Thanks to KID for making Remember 11, TLWiki for translating it, and the anonymous creator of the site I’m translating. If you have any questions, comments, love, hate, etc. you can find me on Twitter.