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This site is still under construction, so I’ll just get down to business.

First of all, I did not write the content that is on this site (excluding this introduction). After reading Remember 11, I was pretty unsatisfied with the ending and, being too lazy to figure it out myself, I searched for explanations that other people had come up with. It wasn’t long before I stumbled across this site, which does a fantastic job explaining most of the VN’s unsolved mysteries. All I’m doing here is translating the content of that site so it’s freely available to the English-speaking readers. I would’ve asked for permission to translate it but I didn’t see any contact info on that page, so if you’re the creator of that site a) thank you! and b) let me know if you have any problem with this. I don’t think you should, but I figure it’s common courtesy.

The next matter at hand is that I’m going to be diverging from the conventions established by the TLWiki translation. First is the matter of first-person pronouns, something that barely shows up in the game but gets mentioned a lot in these explanations. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Japanese, the short version is that Japanese has many more ways to say “I” than English does: “watashi”, “boku”, “ore”, and so on. Certain characters each have a unique way of referring to themselves (within the context of the game), and figuring out which one corresponds to who acts as a clue to solving some of the mysteries. Since you can only really refer to yourself as “I” in English, TLWiki formatted the word in different ways (italics, colored blue) to represent these differences. While I commend their efforts, I think this is too confusing of a system and doesn’t make what’s going on very evident. For one, it’s something that’s totally foreign to the average English speaker. The first time I saw I I wasn’t sure if it was an italic I or a slash. Anyway, for lack of a better system, I will use the romaji for the Japanese words used in brackets so they stand out. So you (hopefully) aren’t totally confused by these crazy bracket words, here is how my convention correlates to TLWiki’s:

[ore] – I
[ORE] – I (Satoru)
[atashi] – I (Kokoro)
[watashi] – I

Something to keep in mind is that these sections tend to build on things covered in previous ones, so make sure you read them in order to avoid confusion. That said, I’m probably going to translate these as I feel like it, and that may not be in order. Sorry.

One last disclaimer: when quoting things from the VN, sometimes I’ll make some minor changes to the TLWiki translation to make them sound better or work better with what’s currently being discussed.

Thanks to KID for making Remember 11, TLWiki for translating it, and the anonymous creator of the site I’m translating. If you have any questions, comments, love, hate, etc. you can find me on Twitter.


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