The Identity of the Third Personality α

What Is the Third Personality α?

For review, I’ll summarize what’s known about the third personality, α.

I’m sure there were a lot of players who felt like something was off every time a transfer occurred in Satoru’s route. You may have thought that in between transferring from Kokoro’s body to Satoru’s body, maybe there’s a “blank time” where another person controls their bodies. This mystery was explained by it being a three-way transfer. α exists in a location that is neither Mount Akakura or Aosagi Island. Let’s think back on α’s actions.

α’s Actions
α committed the following deeds:

  • January 11th, Shelter Cabin: Starts screaming. You get a glimpse of this in Satoru’s route.
  • January 11th, SPHIA: Goes crazy after looking in the mirror. Eventually has to be sedated.
  • January 11th, Shelter Cabin: Tears the newspaper to shreds.
  • January 12th, SPHIA: Scribbles all over Kokoro’s drawing.
  • January 12th, Shelter Cabin: Cuts itself with Yomogi’s knife.
  • January 12th, SPHIA: Wounds its own left arm (note: it is very possible that this may have been done by another person).
  • January 12th, Shelter Cabin: Turns the voice recorder on and makes DATA 3 with nothing but noise.
  • January 13th, SPHIA: Climbs in Inubushi’s bed.
  • January 14th, SPHIA: Murders Enomoto with the knife in its hand. Playfully stabs him multiple times.
  • January 15th, SPHIA: Drinks the MAO inhibitor and hallucinogen DMT without any hesitation.
  • January 15th, Shelter Cabin: Eats all the food entrusted to Kokoro (this may not happen depending on the choices you make)
  • January 15th, SPHIA: Punches Yuni and destroys the living room. Calms down when embraced by Utsumi.

A common point between all of these is that its goal is unclear. Even if it’s the work of someone with bad intentions, there are still many points that are difficult to explain.

The Third Location
In order to reveal the identity of α, first we need to know where the third location is. The third location hidden in the three-way transfer is Hotarubi, located in Moegi Village in the Hiwa District of Hokkaido. Hotarubi is located at the midpoint between Mount Akakura and Aosagi Island. So then, what month and year is it in Hotarubi?

At Mount Akakura it’s January, 2011.
At Aosagi Island, it’s January, 2012.
Therefore, at Hotarubi it’s July, 2011, the midpoint between January, 2011 and January, 2012.

On the seventh day of Satoru’s route, Satoru enters the third location. There he finds a white building, which leads to a white room underground. Inside the room is the space-time transfer device, which is black and slightly larger than a soccer ball, and an empty bed. The date when he arrived was July 18th, 2011.

At one point, Utsumi mentioned that she was instututionalized until July 16th, 2011 due to having an unstable personality. She was all alone in a small, underground room. Another time she mentioned that the place she was hospitalized was Hotarubi, located in Moegi Village in the Hiwa District of Hokkaido. Utsumi was in the facility at Hotarubi.

Who Are You?
Utsumi gave birth to twins in August, 2011 and was in the Hotarubi facility up until a month before they were born. Although she had no way of knowing it, from July 12th, 2011 to the 18th that facility was caught up in the space-time transfer. If Utsumi was alone in there, then is the true identity of α Utsumi?

Not quite. No matter how unstable her personality was, α’s actions are too unnatural for them to have been caused by Utsumi. Furthermore, if α were Utsumi, it would be strange for Kokoro and Satoru to not remember anything from the times they were at Hotarubi.

So, if α isn’t Utsumi, then who is it? Here’s a quote from TIPS 96:

Here is one of the theories about baby colic.
Why does ‘baby colic’ occur in infants? ‘Baby colic’ is a condition in which a baby becomes unsettled and irritable for no apparent reason, and cries frequently (e.g. at night). One explanation suggests that the contrast between the clear, vivid consciousness of an infant and the inability to properly control its body results in an intense stress for the baby, which could cause it to become irritated and cry. That is why, from the point of view of an adult, it seems that they are just crying for no reason.

There are also medics who suppose that if a baby was given a body which would properly obey its will, it would turn into a cold-blooded killer. They argue that since babies have not yet learned human morals, their instincts would cause them to go on a bloody rampage. Infants often exhibit cruelty. They can calmly kill other living beings with no reservation, thinking it nothing more than part of a game.

That’s right. α’s true identity is one of the fetuses inside Utsumi. It is an entity with no ill will, but no consience either. Satoru speaks a bit about them in the epilogue. It’s worth re-reading.

The Red Dream
A red background shows up from time to time in Kokoro’s and Satoru’s routes, accompanied with a feeling of slowly drifting in a peaceful ocean and a sense of control over the world. These scenes describe what it’s like inside Utsumi’s stomach. As a fetus, you can barely see or hear anything and you can’t move your body freely. Your brain isn’t even fully functional yet. This is why Kokoro and Satoru barely remember their time in Hotarubi.

This red dream resembles something. You can’t see or hear or touch it directly, but it shares that same sense of control over a world. What is it…?


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