Inubushi Keiko and Suzukage Hotori

Another Shadow
Near the shelter cabin, a girl lies buried in snow. Her body cold, both Kokoro and Satoru determine that she must not be alive anymore. The girl’s name is Suzukage Hotori. Kokoro and Satoru thought that Suzukage Hotori was one of Inubushi Keiko’s personalities, but there was a real person with that name.

A Lingering Consciousness, Just Like Kokoro’s and Satoru’s

While playing as Satoru, you probably noticed that Inubushi Keiko has two different personalities in Kokoro’s and Satoru’s routes. However, the timing of her personality changes are exactly the same as the transfers. What does this mean? The answer is that a person named Suzukage Hotori existed inside the shelter cabin’s circle. Inubushi and Hotori exchanged personalities just like Kokoro and Satoru. This easily explains why their personalities get switched at the same time as the transfers. It would be hard to explain it any other way. Just for the sake of clarity: Inubushi in Kokoro’s route is Suzukage Hotori’s personality, and Inubushi in Satoru’s route is the true Inubushi Keiko. This is recorded in the TIPS as well.

The Third Personality
Remember that this is a three-way transfer that’s going on, and at the third location there are the twins. Kokoro and Satoru experienced a personality exchange with α, who turned out to be one of the babies. Since they’re twins, that means there’s another baby there. Just like Kokoro and Satoru, Inubushi and Hotori transferred along with the other baby. From this point on, I will refer to the second twin as ω.

The Shadow that Couldn’t Survive but Didn’t Die
Suzukage Hotori supposedly died buried in the snow. However, both Inubushi’s and Hotori’s personalities occupied Inubushi’s body even on the fifth day. In other words, Hotori is alive. This is hinted at in the main story. When Kokoro finds Hotori on the seventh day, look very closely at her hand. They move a little when Kokoro’s leaving. Hotori was alive until the end. However, she’s included in the list of people who died in January in the newspaper from the future, so she must have died by the time the rescue team arrived.

Hotori’s Fits
Since we see the real Hotori in Kokoro’s route, she must be the kind girl we see in that route. The reason she can’t talk is due to the shock of the plane crash (this is mentioned in the TIPS). She’s normally a shy, kind girl, but she goes crazy three times.

The first time is when she sees herself in the mirror. I don’t think I need to explain this. Anyone would be freaked out if their reflection was someone else.

The second time is on the third day. Right after the transfer she starts screaming. After she calms down, she writes the following message:
“red light” “seemed” “warm” “room”
“cold” “dark” “trapped” “all alone”
Kokoro misinterprets this as a sign of DID, but it’s actually her describing the transfers to Hotarubi and Mount Akakura. Due to the extreme cold, her memories of Mount Akakura are probably pretty vague. However, since the weather cleared up on the third day, I think she realized the situation she was in and started to lose it.

The third time is on the fourth day, right after Enomoto is murdered. I don’t think it’s strange for you to freak out if you’re suddenly covered in blood holding a knife and Utsumi’s coming towards you saying you killed him. She didn’t mean to hurt Yuni, by the way. She was just swinging the knife around randomly and Yuni jumped in by himself. Since they made up on the fifth day, she probably apologized.


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