[ORE] and the Memory Transplant

Unnatural Memories
Satoru — in other words [ORE] — experiences a strange memory impairment. The things he can and can’t remember are disjointed. For whatever reason, this seems to be the result of a memory transplant. Sunglasses confirms at least that much.

If he underwent a memory transplant, then whose memories did he receive? By examining the contents of [ORE]’s memories, we can speculate on what the nature of the memory transplant was.

The most important part of [ORE]’s memory is how incomplete it is. The following are examples of this incompleteness.

He remembers: his name, his age, the date, where he is, the general layout of SPHIA, the people in SPHIA, Inubushi’s past, about the accident on Mount Akakura, about the other 3 people in the cabin, the fact that he was in a relationship with Mayuzumi.

He doesn’t remember: anything from before January 11th, why he’s at SPHIA, why Utsumi or Yuni are at SPHIA, what caused him and Mayuzumi to get together and what caused them to break up.

There’s too much that doesn’t make sense here. The fact that he would mistake his own name and his memories regarding Mayuzumi in particular are strange. What caused you to start dating and break up with your lover are things you usually never forget. Only remembering the period of time you were together is unnatural.

The name issue makes it even stranger. Even if there are things you can’t remember, being completely confident that you have a name that’s not your own is just bizarre.

Whose memories were implanted into [ORE]?
How did he end up in this unusual state? Whose memories do you transplant to produce such a strange memory?

On the sixth day of Kokoro’s route, Mayuzumi reminisces to Kokoro about the time she was with Satoru. However, she doesn’t mention how they met or why they broke up. [ORE] remembers the time when he was with Mayuzumi but not how they met or why they broke up.

In addition, [ORE] only vaguely remembers the clock tower incident. Even though he should have known who pushed him off after seeing their face, he can’t remember. To be precise, all he remembers is that the fact that he realized who it was.

The things that [ORE] remembers and the things that he doesn’t are the same as a certain other person. If you’re sharp, then you’ve probably already figured it out.

The person is — that’s right — you.
The you that’s reading this page right now.

[ORE] has the player’s memories transplanted into him.

More specifically, the memories of the player at the end of the Kokoro route are transplanted into [ORE]. If you’re having trouble understanding, try looking at TIPS 54.

Furthermore, [ORE] subconsciously represses information regarding the future that he shouldn’t know yet in order to fit the situation. This is implicitly mentioned in the choices you make regarding Satoru’s memories on the first day of the Satoru route.

Where is Self?
The entity known as [ORE] has the player’s memories transplanted into him. He also came into existence when Satoru fell from the clock tower.

Who is [ORE]?
Where is [ORE] itself?

The answer should come naturally. [ORE] is an entity that reflects the player’s will. [ORE] is born when the player comes into contact with the story of Remember 11.

[ORE]‘s memories and will
[ORE]’s memories are the player’s memories.
[ORE]’s will is practically the same as the player’s will.

In that case Satoru’s memories and actions in the Satoru route make a lot more sense. Let me give a few examples.

First are his memories of his relationship with Mayuzumi. [ORE] probably assumed that he had dated Mayuzumi from the information we receive in the Kokoro route. The reason why he remembers how long they went out but not how it began or ended is because Mayuzumi didn’t talk about that in the Kokoro route. Mayuzumi’s habit of touching her earrings is something that Kokoro just happened to notice.

Next is in the Satoru route, when Yomogi is talking about how Inubushi Keiko killed Junichi. Even though this is something that Satoru shouldn’t have known about, [ORE] doesn’t seem surprised at all. This is probably because it was mentioned in the Kokoro route as well, and so the player already knew about it. However, even though the player knows it, Satoru himself doesn’t. That’s why to fit the situation [ORE] subconsciously represses this fact.

The fact that Satoru doesn’t like pumpkin, that he doesn’t wear a wristwatch, that he thinks scientifically… These aspects of Satoru’s personality are all based off of information gained from the Kokoro route. Even Satoru’s thoughts on whether Yuni is a twin or a clone are transferred to [ORE].

Finally, there’s the issue that he thinks his name is Yukidoh Satoru. This is probably a result of his hazy memories of the clock tower incident plus the fact that the person who Kokoro was switching bodies with called himself Satoru.

However, then the Satoru in the Kokoro route becomes a very mysterious entity. Even though that Satoru should be Enomoto Naoya, why does he call himself Satoru? That Satoru is most likely another entity like [ORE]. His memory is impaired, and he thinks that he’s Yukidoh Satoru. That [ORE] may even be formed by a different player’s will.

Kokoro and Satoru’s stories probably spiral around and influence each other infinitely.