[ORE], [WATASHI], and That Guy

The entity known as [WATASHI]
Remember 11 has the tagline “The labyrinth of memories that’s killing [WATASHI]”. Who does [WATASHI] refer to? There is only one scene where the first-person pronoun [WATASHI] is used: the first scene of the second day of the Kokoro route.

The [WATASHI] who experiencies nothingness.
The [WATASHI] that is not [atashi].

Who is [WATASHI]? At the very least, it appears to be different from Fuyukawa Kokoro, who uses [atashi].

The entity known as That Guy
That Guy—the person who Sunglasses is out to get. Who is That Guy? According to TIPS 88, the concept of time doesn’t exist for That Guy. He is a point; nothingness; zero-dimensional. Sunglasses said that That Guy’s memories were implanted in Satoru.

That’s right, That Guy is the player, or at least something extremely close to the player.

If you look at it from the perspective of the characters that exist in the story of Remember 11, the player is a formless, abstract entity. Yet it is also an absolute entity. There are hints that point toward this in the story, notably when you’re about to get a bad end. You leave behind your physical body and look calmly over the world. This is the player’s will. These hints to the existence of the player exist in both the Kokoro and Satoru routes. The player’s will is reflected both in [ORE] and [WATASHI], and the consciousness that combines the two is That Guy; in other words, the player.

The meaning behind EPR pairs
The term “EPR pair” refers to a pair of quantum particles that exert an influence on each other. While they serve as an explanation for the space-time transfer, they are also used as a metaphor. In the Level 1 topics I mentioned that Kokoro and Satoru are linked together like an EPR pair. To be more precise, [ORE] and [WATASHI] are what form the pair. During the story, the phrase “Kokoro and Satoru are one in mind and body” is used. Of course this is true, because [ORE] and [WATASHI] are part of the same entity to begin with.

“There’s a difference between one staying as one and one suddenly becoming halved, you know?”

[ORE] and [WATASHI] were both originally parts of the player’s mind.

The existence of Kokoro is necessary for Satoru to exist as he does. In the story, this is expressed through the proverb sekijukansei (“red accepts blue entirely”). Once again, we can think of this in terms of [ORE] and [WATASHI]. In order for [ORE] to exist as Satoru, he needs to know what the player knows about Satoru from the Kokoro route. Without the Kokoro route, [ORE] in the Satoru route would have no memories at all. Therefore, Satoru can only exist because of Kokoro.

Who’s that behind you?
What meaning does Kagome Kagome hold in the context of Remember 11? On the third day of the Satoru route, Inubushi tells Satoru that “kagome” (literally “cage woman”) refers to a pregnant woman and that the song is a metaphor for a baby being born. However, she didn’t explain the meaning of the last line: “Who’s that behind you?” All she says is the suggestive “I wonder who it could be…?” If you’ve read this far, then you probably have an idea of who it is. Of course, it’s the player. Kokoro and Satoru see the world from a first-person perspective. So to them, the person behind them isn’t simply someone standing behind them, but the person on the other side of the screen.

The entities [ORE] and [WATASHI] came into existence through the story of Remember 11, and Kagome Kagome hints at this. In addition, at the end of the epilogue of the Kokoro route, Kokoro refers to herself as a “kagome”. What is the true meaning behind this statement? Is it simply because she was trapped inside a closed space? Think back to the pregnant woman metaphor, and you can start to figure out what Kokoro meant. “Kagome” likely refers to the infant’s personality—and also [WATASHI]—that occupied her body.

In Inubushi’s interpretation of Kagome Kagome, the baby died due to a miscarriage. Why did Inubushi interpret the song in this way…?


One response to “[ORE], [WATASHI], and That Guy

  1. This is rather frustrating because of how extremely vague it all is. These are the skimpiest hints to big concepts, so I’m unsure how to feel about it in terms of a game, story and in it’s very construction. I’m torn between thinking the writer as possible clever, lucky, or stupidly pretentious. I wish you would finish the rest of the site.

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