The Meaning of the Incomplete Ending

I will smite David
And David played with his hand, as at other times…
And there was a javelin in Saul’s hand…
And Saul cast the javelin; for he said…
[watashi] will smite David even to the wall with it…

[ore] will smite David…
Even if he avoided it twice…

These are the words Sunglasses mutters, almost like a curse, several times throughout the story. If you read TIPS88 (That Guy), you’ll find out that David refers to That Guy — in other words, the player — and Saul refers to Sunglasses. Saul tries to kill David on countless occasions. He does this with the Star of Solomon, the opposite of the Star of David. The Star of Solomon has the power to seal demons in an infinity loop (according to TIPS). From this, we can deduce that the player has been sealed in an infinity loop. Regardless of whether or not the player remembers it, they have without a doubt fallen into an infinity loop.

The true form of the infinity loop is expressed through the fact that the story of Remember 11 continues forever.

The infinitely-looping story
Remember 11 has no ending. It is a malicious dream that begins anew the moment it ends.

After Kokoro’s route comes Satoru’s route.
After Satoru’s route comes Kokoro’s route.

Kokoro’s actions in the Kokoro route are reflected in Satoru’s route, and Satoru’s actions in the Satoru route are reflected in Kokoro’s route.

Kokoro Route
           Satoru Route
Kokoro Route
           Satoru Route
Kokoro Route
           Satoru Route
Kokoro Route
           Satoru Route

When you take different actions (choices), you create worlds that all slightly differ from each other (parallel worlds; see TIPS87), and the story continues on forever like a spiral. As you can see, the spiral has no beginning and no end. All the player can do is continue along the spiral and proceed in the infinity loop. There is no way to exit the spiral.

“the age of infinity”
The seven days during which the game takes place repeat indefinitely…

The labyrinth of memories that is killing [WATASHI]
“The labyrinth of memories that is killing [WATASHI]”
The one who is being killed is [WATASHI]. In this case, rather than the consciousness of the Kokoro route, it’s probably more correct to say that [WATASHI] refers to the player themself. [WATASHI] falls into the infinity loop, into the labyrinth of memories, and is killed. The “labyrinth of memories” likely refers to the game Remember11. One of the goals of Sunglasses’ plan is to trap the player in an infinity loop. Some major tricks were included on the actual game package itself to strengthen the loop.

A story that ends half-finished and leaves nothing but mysteries… The player continues to re-read the story, searching for a third route that doesn’t exist. The urge to complete your Clear List spurs this on as well, and the player becomes unable to break free of the infinity loop that Sunglasses put them into.

This story has not finished yet.
Truth is not revealed.
And it circulates through an incident.
It is an infinity loop!