Why do some consciousnesses linger?

Kokoro and Satoru are exceptions
Enomoto said that when the space-time transfer occurs, Kokoro’s and Satoru’s minds remained in the same place. However, a reason for this was never revealed. Enomoto hinted at what the reason might be, but avoided answering it straight out. This is a problem that can’t just be hand-waved. There has to be a reason for it.

Kokoro and Satoru have something very important in common: the player intervenes with both of their consciousnesses. The space-time transfer teleports everything contained within the circle. A person’s brain has control over their consciousness, so when the brain teleports, so does their consciousness. But what about the player’s consciousnesses, [ORE] and [WATASHI]? As you may have guessed, the reason why Satoru and Kokoro’s consciousnesses stay behind is because they are the player’s consciousnesses. Kokoro isn’t completely under the control of the player, but it makes sense to assume that her consciousness remained with the player during the transfer. The word “Self” that shows up during the video that plays during the transfer backs up this theory (“self” = the player).

What about α’s consciousness?
So then, why does α, the baby’s consciousness, stay behind as well? When Satoru and Kokoro are in α’s body and see the red dream, they say that they feel relaxed and feel a sense of control. Doesn’t this seems similar to the absolute, yet intangible, position that the player holds? I believe that this is why α’s consciousness also remains in the same place.

Is a consciousnesses transfer determined by will?
Kokoro and Satoru’s personalities are supposed to switch every time a transfer happens, but only on the 7th day do their personalities not switch out. The reason for this is likely because there was no body for them to transfer into. On the 7th day, Satoru is outside the circle and Utsumi, along with α, have left Hotarubi (Utsumi was only in Hotarubi until July 16th, 2011).

However, there is another possible explanation for why this happened. During Satoru’s route, Satoru theorizes that if he leaves the circle, then him and Kokoro will no longer switch personalities. But, the fact that he convinced himself of this may have itself been the reason why the transfer stopped. Perhaps the fact that the player’s consciousness stays behind when the transfer occurs is influenced by the will of the player. After all, a consciousness is ripped from its body when the transfer happens, so it’s likely that the player’s influence is amplified at these times. The fact that the baby’s consciousness stays behind may too have been a result of the player’s interference.

The lingering coffee flavors
The player’s will also has to do with the experiment with the black coffee and milk coffee that Enomoto carries out to demonstrate how a concept (flavor) can linger after a transfer. However, it’s possible that Satoru had been deceived by Enomoto and simply led to believe that the flavor would stay behind, even though the flavors had switched entirely. Flavor is a function of the molecular structures in a food or drink; if the molecules are transferred 100% perfectly, it’s unthinkable that the flavor would be different at the destination. [ORE] decided what flavor [ORE] would experience.